Arab Women & Sustainable Development Agenda
Arab Women Conference

Arab Women & Sustainable Development Agenda


This Saturday, February 27th,  the Swedish Institute Alexandria (SwedAlex) will host a conference entitled “Towards a World of Equality: Arab Women and Sustainable Development Agenda” co-organized by the General Arab Women Federation, with wide regional participation from women organizations and activists representing 12 Arab countries, in addition to UN Women and the League of the Arab States.


The opening session will include a speech by Mr. Peter Weiderud, director of SwedAlex, and Dr. Huda Badran, president of the General Arab Women Federation. This will be followed by a presentation on the Swedish Experience on Gender Equality, followed by a session on Equality in Sweden from a Male Perspective. The final discussions will tackle the Role of NGOs in defining future priorities.


Mr. Peter Weiderud, director of the Swedish Institute Alexandria, pointed out the importance of this conference, especially that women rights are a top priority for the institute. He explained that Sweden was one of the first countries in the world to realize the importance of gender equality.